高品質の日本製デニムのみを使用し、熟練の職人による独自の裁断 ・縫製技術により最高峰のデニム製品を製作している。

そんなALL MY LOVING・デザイナー「天本誠司」が自信を持っておススメする日本製「デニムトレンチコート」のホームページです。




Couture denim brand "ALL MY LOVING" from Fukuoka, Japan, created by fashion designer Seiji Amamoto, who has a reputation for excellent pattern technology and careful handwork.

The brand concept is "wear traditions in everyday life."

Using only high-quality denim from Okayama, Japan, the tailor crafts high-grade denim products one by one using his own cutting and sewing techniques.

"Denim trench coat" made in Japan recommended by ALL MY LOVING / Designer "Seiji Amamoto" with a strong commitment to making clothes.

"I want to wear long and care, so I don't want to compromise on choosing clothes."
"I want to wear classic-designed clothes, but I want to wear cool clothes, not the same mass-produced clothes as others!"
"I want to choose the best clothes to buy for myself!"

It is a denim trench coat made in Japan that you want to be a "sensual adult" who has the standards and values for the clothes you wear.



東京・セレオ八王子にて販売いたします。 It will be sold at Celeo Hachioji in Tokyo.
大坂・阪神梅田百貨店にて販売いたします。It will be sold at Hanshin Umeda Department Store in Osaka.
北海道・丸井今井札幌にて販売いたします。It will be sold at Marui Imai Sapporo in Hokkaido.
商品価格改定のお知らせ Notice of product price revision
デニムトレンチ・2022S/Sの店頭販売について About over-the-counter sales of denim trench 2022S / S
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